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The Poor: Who Why and How To Help, Part 3

? Why do we do what we do and when should we not do it? Sometimes deep, probing questions annoy us. People sometimes want simply to do what is required because it is required. My wife tends down that path. She sometimes gets impatient with the question "why." As the anthem of the "Light Brigade" goes, "Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die." The problem one e...

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The Poor: Who, Why and How to Help, Part 2

We've all been there. We're going about our merry way and upon our scene emerges a homeless person, a hungry person, a disheveled, obviously poor, with a ton of problems person. ? How do you react? If you're like most Americans, you immediately feel compassion. You want to fix the problem. Americans are fix-it people. We see a problem and we have to fix it. Look at our h...

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How Is Your Walk?

Have you ever counted the number of meanings that belong to a word? Take the word walkfor instance. Sometimes, when a person uses the word walk he means putting one foot in front of the other, but other times the walk has absolutely nothing to do with walking. Sometimes walking means floating, if you are spacewalking. Sometimes walking means you failed to pitch a ball i...

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The Poor: Who, Why and How to Help, Part 1

Helping the poor is a noble and biblical ambition, but do we really know what the Bible means when it advocates helping those less fortunate than ourselves?...

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